Thursday, November 24, 2011

Good Food and Art Jamming

Since Bella is leaving for Korea in a few days, she called us all out for lunch yesterday.
It's been a REALLY long time that so many of us got together :)

We went to Phoenix for lunch.
Decided to take some pictures before our makeup melts /laughs/

Terri and I ❤
Bella and I ❤
While we were self cam-ing with the front camera of my Iphone, our friend Calvin was doing weird faces and posing across from us.

So Bella came up with the brilliant idea to pretend to take another picture, but actually turn the shot on him /laughs/. and so this is what we ended up with.

our funny friend.

Bella and I had been talking about art jamming for a while, ever since we aquired these big canvases from Ray, but we never got around to it. So after lunch, we decided to get some paint from the dollar store next door, and start on our masterpiece!

2 dollar acrylic paint sets and brushes /laughs/

Since I have no idea what I wanted to paint, I started doodling in my sketchbook, and I ended up doing 5 minute sketches of my cousin's dog (MoMo) and KK's weiner dog, Brownie.


I drew more random sketches of deers and alpacas but I'm not satisfied with them. So I actually still haven't got the slightest idea what I would do with the big canvas. Although I did a simple Atsushi drawing and I'm thinking whether to use that or not. It might be too simple though.

Bella was doing an abstract phoenix design, and she was playing with the colours the whole day. You'll have to go to her blog to see it though. :)

We went to Kenzo for dinner, but Bella opt-ed to go home.
Then Bella (and the boys) joined us for dessert at Demetres later on.
Bella and I shared an ice cream waffle. yumm~~

We ended the night with more art drawings at my house. The day was so long, but in a  good way!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

EXILE haul ☆願いの塔ライブグッズ2011☆

Got this in the mail today. Bought the EXILE Live Tour 2011 Tower of Wish goods off their online shop (EXILE Tribes Station) via an agent. I haven't seen any previews of the goods anywhere so I was super excited to finally get to see them. /laughs/ Although I don't really know any EXILE fans in real life, I decided to post these pictures for my own entertainment in case there are fans out there looking for them.
ta-da! it's here!!
everything I bought this time; muffler towel,
wristbands, phone straps, pamphlet, poster,
charity bracelet, eco bag (L), and also a free plastic eco bag

wristbands /left/ phonestraps /right/
big Eco bag
On to the item I look forward to the most...pamphlet!!

preview - HIRO
Atsushi *kyaaaa~~!!* かっこいい!
Not going to post everybody /too many members/...but more Atsushi 'cause I'm bias. /laughs/
look at that smile!
aww ❤
And one more of Keiji 'cause i like him too XD
Oh yeah and I bought a poster too! It's too big to hang in my room though...maybe when I move...

YAY~ can't wait till I can bring it out.
Want to see them live so badly (≧ヘ≦ ).....someday....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh, just my debut blog post...

11/11/11 - people want to get married on this pocky special day; I just want to debut my blog. /laughs/ I had been putting a lot of thoughts into what my debut blog post should be about. I was going to do a light (and stupid) post just because I intend to make this a laid-back sort of blog. Well it’s still going to be a laid-back, chilled blog most of the time, but I want my debut post to have some kind of meaningful substance. Aside from vain things like makeup, fashion and all things cute and Japanese, what means the most to me are my friends and family.
Since my family is living on the other side of the world, my friends are the closest thing to a family I have here. Growing up being a little shy and awkward, I was never a social butterfly. Fortunately, I do have a circle of very close friends. I grew up with most of them; we grew from kids to the young adults we are today, together. It’s amazing to spend a decade with the same people, and to see how everyone has changed and blossomed. Obviously not everyone sticks around, but that just makes the ones that do, extra special.
Yesterday, after having a reunion lunch with a few friends, I walked home with one of them. I’ve known this friend for over a decade. We used to be close, but we haven’t really talked to each other much in recent years. We have mutual friend – from time to time we would hang out as a group – but we never had the chance to talk properly. For a fleeting moment, I thought it would be an awkward walk home, but surprisingly, the anticipated awkwardness never came. We talked about school and our future; I filled her in on what’s going on in my life. Before I knew it, I was already home. Maybe this 10 minute walk wasn’t that big of a deal, but I felt like I got my old friend back. :)
That’s all I’ve got to say today, more random thoughts, travelling posts and vanity coming up!
/oh my first post is so long, i'm so uncool *runs*/
Oh, and... happy pocky/pepero day!! XD

strawberry pocky ❤