Wednesday, November 16, 2011

EXILE haul ☆願いの塔ライブグッズ2011☆

Got this in the mail today. Bought the EXILE Live Tour 2011 Tower of Wish goods off their online shop (EXILE Tribes Station) via an agent. I haven't seen any previews of the goods anywhere so I was super excited to finally get to see them. /laughs/ Although I don't really know any EXILE fans in real life, I decided to post these pictures for my own entertainment in case there are fans out there looking for them.
ta-da! it's here!!
everything I bought this time; muffler towel,
wristbands, phone straps, pamphlet, poster,
charity bracelet, eco bag (L), and also a free plastic eco bag

wristbands /left/ phonestraps /right/
big Eco bag
On to the item I look forward to the most...pamphlet!!

preview - HIRO
Atsushi *kyaaaa~~!!* かっこいい!
Not going to post everybody /too many members/...but more Atsushi 'cause I'm bias. /laughs/
look at that smile!
aww ❤
And one more of Keiji 'cause i like him too XD
Oh yeah and I bought a poster too! It's too big to hang in my room though...maybe when I move...

YAY~ can't wait till I can bring it out.
Want to see them live so badly (≧ヘ≦ ).....someday....

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