Monday, February 27, 2012

Forever21 Haul

I don't usually shop at Forever 21. I only have 2-3 shirts from there and some random accessories here and there. However, I recently went on their site and found some things that I really like! Since my order qualifies for free shipping, I decided to give it a shot.
My order came in two days, and I was pretty excited about the stuff I got.
I got a lot of black and silver accessories, and some leopard print stuff. I don't know why I've reverted back to that kind of style (I had a kind of phase before), but it's all good - I think that "phase" matured. #megusta #ihavenoshame
I like to play around with my style all the time hehe.

I also bought a cream color faux leather jacket ^^", which is something different in my wardrobe... Mostly because it's hard for me to find one that fits haha.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anpanman and Choo Choo Train

My fourth time volunteering at daycare.
Thanks to the milk tea I drank last night, I didn't sleep at ALL the previous night.
Tired as f**k but still managed to make myself go #proudmoments
And because I couldn't sleep, I had a lot of time to think of what to wear /laughs/
I always had problems picking what to wear especially since today was really cold - I needed something warm, casual enough to look approachable, and comfy enough to play with kids. #firstworldproblem

My self-cam while waiting for the bus. I had no facial expression because I was trying my hardest to stay awake. =w=

Anyways, I caught a glimpse of Sayaka when she came on the bus, but I didn't go over to her because I figured we both needed our last 15min of nap.

3 stops away from our destination, Noriko-san got on our bus with her two boys. Her 2 year old son, Hikaru, was sleeping in his stroller. As we were about to get off the bus, I walked over to her because I knew she would need help in this horrible snowy weather. In the end I helped her carry, yes carry, her stroller all the way to JCCC while she held Hikaru. Maachin was walking right behind me. The snow accumulated on the ground so I literally had to carry it with my hands. My hands were so cold by the time we got to the front door, I was worried that I might've been frostbitten - thank god I wasn't!

Being a mother sure is tough, I can't imagine how difficult it would be for Noriko-san if there's no one to help her.

We showed up at the nursery, and guess who's back? yay David!! ^^
I like having him around since he's probably the only person there who is not fluent in Japanese /laughs/ Also, little Hibiki loves him and I like to see them interact.

At snack time, while I was ripping off the newspaper I laid earlier to protect the table, we came across an ad, and David told me he's in it.

He's the second person from the right. He told me that all the other guys are way taller, so when he took the photo, he was actually standing on a box. HAHA cheater! :P

I was so hungry looking at the kids eat, and then Noriko-san offered us (volunteers) her homemade onigiri! so yummy!!!! It was my first homemade onigiri and it's moments like this that make me love volunteering at JSS. I get to try parts of Japanese culture that would otherwise be impossible for me to experience.

Anyways, I found my favourite toy from the nursery.

Anpanman (bread man)! Kids love him! Noriko-san told me that if someone is hungry, Anpanman will let him/her take a bite off himself. #creepy

I also randomly decided to take a picture of a Thomas train and liked the shot enough to not edit anything except slap a watermark on it.

Time flies and only 2 more weeks of the program left!

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Favourite Makeup Products

When I first started this blog, I thought I wanted to write about makeup, clothes, and other cute things I like to splurge on, but I ended up writing about my life more than anything. However, today I feel like I finally want to write about one of my vain hobbies - MAKEUP!!!

Well the title says 'favourite makeup products' but actually, they are more like my most frequently used products. There are some of my "favourites" in here no doubt, but there are also some favourites that I didn't include because I don't use them often - only on special occasions. On top of that, as I am a vain person, I also collect makeup that has a cute packaging. I'm thinking maybe I will do a separate post on those.

Anyways, on to my most frequently used makeup show-and-tell!

1.) Diamond Lash 小悪魔eye (部分用まつげ) [little devil eye part lashes]
- I don't always wear fake lashes but when I do, I like half lashes. /insert meme/
2.) Rohto Lycee eyedrop for contact users
3.) Canmake eyeshadow base
- my eye makeup stays all day with this primer
4.) Chantecaille face brush
- one word: fluffy!
5.) Shu Uemura glow on blush (orange 55)
- an orangey coral blush
6.) Majolica Majorca cheek colour (PK333)
- wear this almost everyday, not all pinks work on my skin tone but this one works well. Like!
7.) Majolica Majorca trick-on eyeshadow (GR750)
- love the gold colour in this palette, I also like the navy and the mauvy pink colour.
8.) Maybelline baby lips (Asia version) - anti-oxidant berry
- it smells so good and makes my lips really smooth! But unlike the ones sold in America, they are lip balms with no colour.
9.) Revlon Colorburst lipstick (096 Petal)
-  It simply enhances my natural lip colour.
10.) Kanebo Lavshuca dramatic memory rouge PK-3
- love the color and texture, it's a coral lipstick.
11.) Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 - Mango
- when my lips are really chapped, I use this and it moisturizes my lips very well. Mango is my favourite one.
12.) Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss - Mirth
- Holy grail product!!! I love the color and it's not sticky!!
13.) Shu Uemura x Aya Takano collection - blush tint (miracle cherry)
- It's a bright red, gel consistency blush. It looks scary out of the tube but when it's blended out, it's a natural flush of color on the cheeks. I admit I bought it mainly because of the packaging, but the product itself is really amazing!
14.) yellow + white circular jar = yuzu flavor lip cream from Kyoto
- I use it when my lips are in good conditions (ie. not chapped), it keeps my lips moisturized but  it does not sooth chapped lips. I love Yuzu so I love using it ^^
15.) circular jar with red rim = Palgantong Makeup Thetrical Powder (face powder) - pearl beige
- I just bought it spontaneously but surprisingly it works quite well! It has a little bit of shimmer in it but it doesn't make your face look oily/shiny.

beside the blush tint:
1.) Fairydrops platinum mascara - film type
- I don't use mascara very often but this one is the best one I've tried.
2.) Dollywink liquid eyeliner (deep black)
- really waterproof, and easy to apply. cute packaging. /love/
3.) Urbay Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil (perversion - new matte black)
- newly purchased. I needed a new pencil eyeliner and I saw this in store. I swatched it on my hand and it's blacker and more waterproof than Zero (original matte black from UB)! I've worn it a few times since I got it and I'm loving it so far. It haven't smudged on me yet.
4.) Kiss Me Heavy Rotation coloring eyebrow (03 ash brown)
- I have naturally thick brows so I lighten them up to make me look less angry and manly LOL
5.) Stila perfecting concealer (shade e)
- pretty good coverage. I tap it on my fingertips a few times to make it less 'wet' and apply them on my blemishes. A little goes a long way!
6.) DHC velvet skin coat (makeup base)
- It smoothes out my pores - my problem area is around the nose. What's more, it also controls oil very well. Perfect for T-zone!
7.) Laneige Snow BB cream (No.2 Natural)
- My favourite BB cream. Love the colour and the consistency. Most days I wear this BB cream and some concealer as my face routine. I'm on my second tube and I'm running out!
8.) The Balm - Time balm foundation - light/medium
- I sometimes wet a sponge and use it as foundations (when I feel like I want a change from the Laneige BB cream), but on most days I just use it as a concealer with my fingers. I also bring it out for touch up as I can easily apply with my fingers.

Hair product
9.) Rockstar stardust weightless matte powder 
- It's really quick - I put some in my hair and ruffle it a bit and voila! volumized hair!

My fav. cosmetic product is one day Acuvue define contact lens. They make my irises a little bit bigger without making me look like an alien. I've tried it in black, brown and black with golden specks, and I actually like them all.Woods' ONE DAY Delight Max 2 are also great color lens. They come in different color like hazel, green, blue, violet, and gray. I own the hazel, blue and gray ones. I feel that these one day color contacts enhances my eyes but they are much safer and more comfortable than typical circle lens. At least I know they are from reputable companies.

That's it for my little show & tell :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winterlicious ♥ North 44

We don't usually go fine dining, unless it's someone's birthday or Winterlicious.

This year, we decided to try out North 44.

I was looking forward to it because my cousins went there to celebrate my younger cousin's birthday, and said it was awesome.

After I got home from school, I tried to pick out something to wear. I don't have any 'dress-up' type of clothings, so I always end up wearing a white shirt and either pants or shorts w/ tights.

However, I dropped by H&M after my group meeting and I got a slightly shimmery top for $16. I made an outfit with it wearing shorts w/ tights.

makeup for the night! (hubby peeping at the back XD *shameless*)

hubby♥ he's the face of Feb. (perfect 'cause he's my valentine hahaha!!)

The plan was KK would come over at 6PM so I could help her with her eye makeup. However, by the time she was over, it was 6:45PM and I ended up only having 10 minutes to do her makeup! SOOO much pressure because I wouldn't have time to redo it if i screwed up. It turned out well though I think, at least I was happy with my work /laughs/. It's the first time I helped someone draw eyelines. SCARY!

It's the first heavy snow (according to me) that night, and KK was wearing peep-toe heels! Her feet were frozen hahahaha =P

Since the ground level was all full, they offered to serve us on the second floor. We had the whole floor to ourselves and that was great because I wouldn't feel so self-conscious about taking photos XD

bread always taste better at restaurants
My appetizer, it's a cauliflower puree (soup) with a crouton thingy.
Terri and KK got this. It's like a seared tuna. Looks yum.
All five of us got steak. The side is potato and spinach. And asparagus.
upside down apple cake with ice sour cream.
I actually liked this cake although the others thought it was mediocre. The boys got creme brule and they said it was a lot better than our cake (meh). I love creme brule too but since I always order that, I decided to order the apple cake this time. I really like apple flavor dessert but don't always have the chance to have some.

Then of course, self-cam time!
KK and I.
Terri and I.
We all thought the meal was good but too expensive. We totalled $67 per person. On top of the food we ordered a bottle of red wine (around $20). Don't think it was worth the money because I've had better, cheaper steak. The portions were quite small and we weren't even that full after we ate everything. Although it wasn't amazing, I still enjoyed the whole experience getting 'glam'-ed up and dine out with friends :)