Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, My Dear Blog!

So last year on Nov. 11, 2011, I've started this blog, while B started hers.

One year later, my updates became less and less frequent, and B's actually sorta died. /laughs/

I think I want to keep updating from time to time, but maintaining a blog is so much work!

And lazy is my middle name...scratch that, first name. = ="

I've gotta think of what to write, then take/find photos, resize them...blah blah blah that's just wayyyy too much work for a lazy girl like me.

Anyway, seeing as it's my blog's first anniversary, I guess I'll just come and randomly blab about what has been up with my life.

About two weeks ago, I've posted an ad looking for penpals on Japan guide - for the first time. I used to reply to other people's posts before but it wasn't easy finding suitable ones. So I decided to compose and ad and let people come at me. lol.

I've gotten quite a number of responses and have been having a lot of fun talk to many people. I have never typed so much Japanese in my entire life. I think my Japanese skills have improved a lot for the past 2 weeks, and I'm super happy about that. I even skyped called (voice only) one of them and although it was a little awkward at first, it was damn exciting and super fun! I'm so glad I met so many nice people.

However, there are also some weirdos out there. There was this 35 year old guy who messaged me, knowing very well about our age gap, and that I was looking for people in the 20s. I accepted his friend request because he seemed sincere. After a couple of emails later, I felt irritated because he started 'lecturing' me on stuff like, how I should smile when I take pictures. He then mentioned that we have a really big age gap that cannot be filled (wtf) and that it might be a barrier for us (wtf x2). He KNEW this before he even messaged me, so why is this an issue now? He also assumed that my "type" is the "handsome type", just because I told him I like EXILE, and some Johnny's groups. Yes I do like handsome guys, but doesn't everyone appreciate handsome/pretty people? What's more is, I started liking EXILE because I fell in love with Atsushi's VOICE. The visual attraction came much later! Anyway, he decided to give me a lecture on Japan not being a country that has a lot of handsome guys. He said only 5% is handsome and the rest is NOT MY TYPE?! I was very pissed that he was judging me that way. It was so shallow of him. What's more, I never even said I was LOOKING for a guy or anything. I just wanted to make friends for god's sake!

I could go on and on about him because it's not everyday that I get pissed off by some guy that I don't really know. But there it is, a very good example that not everyone can be compatible, which makes me cherish my existing pen pals a lot more. :)

That's probably the most exciting thing that's going on with my life. Oh, and my friends and I started playing baddy weekly. It's super fun and I'm getting some exercise for a change XD

Ending the post with a picture of my very very cute capybara babies.
(I know it has nothing to do with the post, but it's cute!! My blog needs something cute!)

Happy Birthday, Blog! ♥

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  1. heyy ... yes it died. all my photos are dead. I think I need to ressurect..