Saturday, February 2, 2013

Anti-boyfriend Tag

Been seeing this tag on Youtube lately. The questions seem fun to answer. Since I don't plan on making videos anytime soon I decided I will make a blog post about it, here it goes.

❤ What is the one (most important) quality you look for in guys?
I like guys that are laid-back, or understanding.

 What quality is a turn off?
. I hate guys who are pretentious and arrogant. Basically show-offs and know-it-alls are no good for me.

❤ What physical feature do you notice on the opposite sex first?
Hm, I think it would be hair, or face. I say that because while I think face is important, I don't need him to be extremely hot or anything, just decent, kind looking is fine for me. However, a guy's hairstyle can change how he looks completely. A guy might not have the best facial features, but if he has an awesome hairstyle, it makes him a LOT more attractive in my eyes.

❤ Describe your dream date.
Depends on how old the guy is. If he is about my age, or a few years older, then probably Tokyo Disneyland. If he's older, then going on drives, or just a day trip to somewhere away from the city seems fun.

 Who would your celebrity boyfriend be? 
This question is probably the whole reason I wanted to do this tag.
Hands down Atsushi from EXILE! I love him sooooo much. 
I also wouldn't mind having Tacchon (from eito), and Omi (from 三代目JSB)...hehehe 

 What is your relationship 'deal breaker?' (Something that you might end a relationship because of)
If he's too controlling. I like my freedom. Of course, if he cheats on me, that's also a no-no.

 What is your relationship 'deal maker?' (Something you would like a guy to do in a relationship) 
I would be really happy if he is very patient with me, and cares about me. Also, I get nervous very easily so if he can calm me down, that would be great.

 What eye and hair color do you prefer?
Hair colour doesn't matter as much, but since I tend to go for Asian guys, I would say dark brown eyes. Of course, I don't really mind if he wears colour contacts if he is the "oshare" (trendy) type.

 He buys you a gift. What would it be?
Probably some sort of accessories. Maybe a simple necklace that I can wear all the time so I can feel like he's always with me 

 Would you say you have a type? If so, what is your type?
Physically, I don't think I have a type. I've liked people (in real life and celebrities) that look nothing alike. However, I think all of them are laid-back, kind, gentle, and...soothing?! In Japanese, it's called 癒し系.

This tag was fun. I wonder if my answers would change if I do it again in a few year. Well, now that I have my 2013 answers down, I can come back and compare in the future. Better yet, maybe I will have a boyfriend by then to see if he matches my answers. Hehe!!

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