Saturday, December 10, 2011


As a loyal EXILE/ATSUSHI fan, of course I keep myself updated with their news.
Since the beginning of the year, I've been speculating that they were planning to enter the Chinese market. It certainly appears so, because of some awesome news I've been hearing lately.

1.) Jay Chou x EXILE collab - Jay Chou made a guest appearance at one of the EXILE live tour 2011 Tower of Wish shows. Atsushi x Jay Chou...EPIC!

2.) A short version of Atsushi's itsuka kitto (相信有一天), featuring David Tao, recently got released! What's more, Atsushi sang some parts in CHINESE...but David sounded funny in some parts :P

3.) Atushi's releasing a Chinese album, collaborating with various Chinese artists, Miriam Yeung, Na Ying, and of course Jay Chou and David Tao. He will also be remaking Wang Fei's hit song, 我願意.

and there are also rumours that Atsushi is planning to spend next year living in China to learn Chinese, though it hasn't been decided whether he would be in HK or Shanghai.

I'm so excited that Atsushi (and EXILE) is reaching to the Chinese audience because that means I have a better chance of seeing him live. Although a selfish part of me is worried that this arrangement will affect his activity within EXILE. I really like seeing him as a part of the group. Also, the even-more-selfish-Japanese-geek part of me don't really want to see him become mainstream in China/HK. But whatever happens, I will still whole-heartedly support Atsushi in the future. #truefan /laughs/

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