Saturday, December 17, 2011

DOG biscuits?!

Life has been pretty chilled for the past week. I'm already a week into my winter break :)

Other than farming (on pigg life - a super addictive game), watching Misfits (I'm nearly done season 2), I'm gonna be starting volunteer at JSS next week. Hopefully this is a good start for building my resume.

Trying to find something interesting to do, I've baked a batch of yuzu flavor cookies yesterday. I wanted them to look cute and stuff but the only cookie cutter I had was a bone shaped one. They turned out pretty cute (and yummy), but I also gotta day, they looked like dog biscuits! /laughs/It would be the perfect size for their cute little mouths :D

Living by myself this year, I've gotten really interested in cooking. It's a nice little hobby and I love inviting friends over for meals. It's rather satisfying when they like what they are eating (or do they? Hm...).

This year is almost coming to an end, it hasn't been an easy year, but hopefully next year will be better. *cross my fingers*

ready to be baked!


  1. omg! cutecookies! what is yuzu flavour? and JSS? wow congrats! What will you be doing?~~ ahh keke ganbatte... best of luck to us both in 2012!! <3 hope we share many more memories together down this road... whether good or bad, just together ;) love u! miss u loadsss <3 ps.. im in hk.............bored :( ur the only reason i found hk fun and ur not here ... needless to say the next 2 weeks will be me fat moing and probably losing more eyebrow hairs! (oh no... i DID bring my tweezers afterall...........)

  2. yuzu is a citrus fruit...유자 ??? (LOL I wiki-ed it XD)

    JSS stands for Japanese Social's an organization that I found through the net... For next wed I'm just going in to help around the office...taking phone calls and stuff like that... but they have other things I might be able to volunteer for later on...

    I wish I'm in HK for mom told me the econ. class plane tix are all sold if i were to go back I wud have to pay like 6000 for business class =0=" sigh... ah well.

    I'm waiting for you to come back! but there's still 2 more months to go T_T" i'm rotting here but luckily i have self control over tweezers usage. LOL.

    btw, I got your xmas card a while ago <3 miss you sooooo friggin' much >w<

  3. <33 aw yay u received it! let me know if u want anything from HK! as well as Terri or others...if they want anything please let them know i'll be here til the 30th! :)

    and omg cool.. its Wednesday today, so let me know how things go!