Monday, January 9, 2012

The last of my winter break 2011-2012

FIrst day back at school. I guess it has to happen sometime. /sigh/

I actually had about a week of holiday left after the New Year hit.
This is just a post about how I spent this last blissful week before the hectic school life resumed.

I went to JSS to volunteer again, it's going to be a regular thing now that I know I have Wednesday mornings off school. It was not busy at the office at all that day, except my supervisor was involved in the hot lunch program (JSS makes lunch for seniors twice per month), so I was pretty much left with another lady at the office. There wasn't too much going on, just some phone calls, updating old files, and such. In fact, it was rather boring - except I had the chance to try Osechi for the first time!

At lunch time, Mrs. Maekawa brought up lunch for the three of us at the office (volunteers and counselor). We had Osechi and Salmon gohan. Osechi ryori is something Japanese people eat at New Years. Traditionally, it's consist of little dishes with special names and is served in a box. Of course, ours were much simpler, and were served on plates; nonetheless, it was very tasty!

Although I was a bit embarrassed, I couldn't resist sneaking a picture. /laughs/
Osechi at JSS.

At the end of the day, I got driven home again. Mr. and Mrs. Maekawa really treat me well.
Starting this coming Saturday, I will also be volunteering for childcare for a parenting workshop. I hope it goes well!

I also learned to make chicken congee this holiday! It was actually very delicious. Normally I don't really cook Chinese food because it seems so complicated to me, but I had a craving for good congee so I had to try making it myself. It's not as simple as dumping raw chicken in a pot of rice and water (as Ray have thought), but it wasn't too complicated to make. :)

eating in front of my laptop ♥

I've also been doing some online shopping, and I finally bought my very first coastal scents palette!
I got the Prism palette because it has the pinks and browns that I've been wanting.

so pretty!

The laptop I ordered online on boxing day also came. Terri helped me pay online with her credit card since my credit limit was a pathetic $500 CAD. Ray helped me set it up and stuff. Thanks to my awesome helpful friends, I'm now all ready to tackle some school assignments!

My new friend! Please take care of me XD

 Weekend, Ray and I went a bit further to do our grocery shopping. We went to J-town to have lunch and pick up some grocery items. However, the main point of the trip was to get a --

Takoyaki griller!!!!!!

I've been wanting one of these ever since I knew about their existence /about two years ago/. Angel and I went to J-town to look for them one time but the lady we asked said they didn't sell any. I guess we just asked the wrong person! Since Fiona got her stove top takoyaki hot plate at J-town, I decided to look for them again and I finally found it! #tearsofjoy

We had omurice there, and it was yummy. Although it would've been better if the food was warmer.
yummy lunch

We also splurged on Uni sashimi (sea urchin). Ray and I LOVE these. It was quite expensive at $26 for about 10 pcs. It's expensive to eat them at restaurants anyways. We have ways of justifying ourselves. /laughs/

I made some sushi rice at home, and made homemade uni sushi! too bad I didn't have seaweed, but it was still hella delish!

I always have images of fireworks going on in my mind whenever I have fresh Uni; and also negitoro sushi and fois gras sushi - they're quite popular in HK. *drools*

That night, we went to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie. To be honest, I didn't catch a lot of the conversations in the movie, but I did get the general jist of things. In my head I was thinking "omg my English is so bad!", then later on I found out everybody was just the same! #relieved

The next day, I had a takoyaki party with Ray, Terri and KK. It's like my dream finally came true after lusting over the takoyaki griller for 2 years. I also made kimchi udon, which, to my surprise, everybody loved. We bought コロッケ (potato cake & pumpkin cake), ready made salad at Metro and dinner is served!



almost done...

finished! :D

I love having dinner parties like this, especially when everybody takes part in preparing the meal :)
For the takoyaki, we had different fillings, such as tako (octopus), cheese, bacon, and sausage. My newest invention - and it was quite a popular filling - was a cube of mozzarella cheese wrapped with a piece of smoked salmon. Heavenly!!

Of course, dinner isn't complete without some good drinks!
rice wine and ume shu (plum wine)

I like to mix some plum wine with Sprite. I have a kiddish taste. :)

With that, my winter break has come to an end.
I'll end this long post with self cam picture from a while ago...


Looking forward to my next break - reading week in mid Feb. Also, Bella would be back around that time!

Until then, ganbarimasu!

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  1. love love love the pictures! i am soo jealous, I really wish I can cook and eat with you guys!!