Monday, January 2, 2012

Countdown 2011-2012

The year end partying started on the 30th... We went to Jason's place for a house party.
Chef Woo (Jason) - along with a few others - cooked us dinner, and we had fresh oysters!

I don't eat raw oysters but the other dishes were awesome!
Fiona's weiner-yaki


The night was filled with laughters. We had a drinking party afterwards and although I didn't drink much, I had a good time laughing at people being silly (um... mainly Terri).
We went home at about 7AM - Ray and I only had a few hours to sleep because we had to get our haircuts the next day.

New Years Eve
Went to get a haircut. I like the way Kazuma-san cut my hair. I just feel like he really knows how to shape my hair the way I want it. It was the second time I went to him and both times I was very satisfied.

We came back uptown and grabbed a quick dinner, then we had 2 hours to rest/get ready for our night out.
For countdown, we went to a bar/lounge at a hotel this year. It was pretty quiet but it's kinda nice to just share the moment with some good friends.

spending the last day of 2011 with good friends ♡

Terri and the others went to Doug's house for an after party. I opt-ed not to go since I was really sleepy and tired. Instead, Ray and I got take out and we came back to my place to just chill out and watch a movie.
We were watching the Smurf movie but towards the end, I had to try really hard to stay awake because I was just so sleepy!

New Years Day

Spent the first day of 2012 catching up on Kouhaku - music battle between the red (female artists) and white (male artists) teams - and Johnny's Countdown (Countdown show featuring all the idol groups from Johnny's Jimusho). It's been my own little tradition to watch these shows for the past 3-4 years. It's always good to start off the year with something fun. /smile/

Met up with KK and Terri for dinner - haven't seen KK for 3 weeks and I missed her so much!

It's pretty great to end 2011 and start off 2012 with good food, friends, and awesome music!


  1. omg!! sounds so cool.. what hotel did u all go to? i smurfinggg miss youu haha.. TT so glad we got to skype!! even if it was insanely laggy LOL >3<

  2. yeah it 'sounds' cool...XD
    the bar is located inside intercontinental hotel...its almost right across from the ROM.

    i miss you too...miss you so much that i bought cheetos LOL. (after reading your 2011 reflection post :P)

    yea i'm glad we skyped...they were looking at me weird when i held out my phone - until i told them i'm skyping you XD

  3. aww cool! lets go check out interesting places together when im back ^^ miss youu and lets skype again! whenever i have wifi ^^ hehehe