Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nothing Much

As wintery weather finally hit, I got sick last week. I had to miss volunteering for Nobody's Perfect because I knew I couldn't risk passing on my sickness to the kids.

Luckily, I still had the medicine I bought while I was sick in Taiwan. Together with tylenol, the medicine enabled me to recover within a week. The weekend was still really harsh though. Having to take care of myself, cook my own congee, stay at home, alone. I was really homesick and wanted my mommy. I wanted to go home! I'm 90% recovered though. Life goes on! :)

-life saver! I would totally recommend it to anybod-- (err...LOL?)

Went into JSS today, and it was hot lunch day so Mrs. Maekawa was down in the kitchen, though Mr. Maekawa was at the office for the most part.

The first thing he said to me today was, "hey, how many of those boots do you have? I've seen 3 different pairs so far..."

The first thought I had was "alert ! alert! hentai ojichan!!!"

Second thought "wtfbbq, why he pays attention to my shoes?! but he's a cute ojichan hahahaaha.."

Third thought "hm...which 3 pairs was he referring to...(mentally trying to recall what shoes I wore to JSS..."
haha that was so random! :P

Today, we had Tonjiru & gohan (rice) for lunch. Before today, I had never tried Tonjiru, nor did I know what it was. (I still don't really...) It was yummy nonetheless. /laughs/

Well here's a picture:

At lunch time, Mrs. Maekawa pushed a trolley with our lunches on it, calling out "room service!!"
She is so cute too wtf.

Kuge-san came out to eat with us (another lady and I), and they asked me about my Japanese learning story. I told them I started learning at a nihongo school in HK, but now I just learn by myself by watching dramas and stuff. So Kuge-san asked me what I watched, and thank god I just started watching Nankyoku Tairiku (a story about a team of Japanese explorers going to Antarctica), so I could talk about that (instead of the usual idol stuff that I'm too embarrass to admit that I watch - but I love it anyway). Kuge-san actually heard about it too. He seemed to know quite a lot about Japanese entertainment actually. He said kimutaku became an ojisan (I don't agree on this!).

Took a lot of phone calls today, and I think I'm getting better at it. Also, I'm starting to warm up to Kuge-san. To be honest, at first I was a little intimidated by him. With him, I think I went into that 'little girl' mode again, which worked against a lot of grown-ups (except that mean lady T-T"; actually I didn't even try cause I don't like her). People generally treat me well when they see me as a nice (little) girl. LOL. When I delivered messages or phone calls to Kuge-san, I would knock on his door, say 'message!' or ask 'can you take a call now?' with a big smile on my face. He would reply in a very nice way (usually with a smile on his face too).
win (^ - ^)v

I was happy when Mrs. Maekawa came back to the office after lunch, I got to help her instead of the strict lady :)

She had an orientation session with new volunteers that came in, just like my first time. /nazukashii!/
They were University students just like me, and I overheard that they are thinking of helping out at Nobody's Perfect for childcare - so I might be able to meet them later ;)

Left a little bit earlier today. Before I left, Mr. Maekawa said "I would call your boots giraff..." I said to him "they are zebra!!!" Why old people cannot tell the difference?!/tears/ On my way out, I gave Kuge-san a little wave since he was on the phone, and he waved back. That put a smile on my face because I feel like I'm finally getting used to everyone at the office ^_^

It's a school night again, and it was terribly boring. I tried so hard just to stay awake. I don't think I was alone in this. From what I heard from my fellow group mates, they thought it was really dull too.

It was 10PM when I got home, and after I washed my face and stuff, I crashed on the couch.
This will probably be the pattern for the next couple of Wednesdays.

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