Saturday, March 17, 2012

♥♡ MY BIRTHDAY (✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ) ♥♡

another year older.

Coincidentally, the theme for March is party...and my tacchon bb is holding a red heart balloon. #megusta
My guys are celebrating with me ・:*:・(*/////∇/////*)・:*:・

Not that I really care about birthdays, but since I did take some pictures and received some gifts from my sweet sweet friends, I guess I would do a post on it.

My lovely lovely cousin treated me to a grilled brazilian dinner at Copacabana. It was delish!
It's basically all you can eat meat - like ALL kinds of meat. steak, pork, sausage, lamb, chicken etc. you name it. Guys come around with sticks of meat, and if you want some, they will cut off a piece for you.
They also had a salad/side bar, where you can get some salad, fruits, and stuff like pasta/mashed potato/rice. Although starch is really filling, I couldn't help it, I had mashed potato.
Since it's near Yonge and Eglinton, where my fav. macaron/sweet shop is located, I went there earlier to get some macarons for my cousins and my friends.
Cousin got me the naked2 palette as well. My cousin spoils me ♥

chipmunks and naked 2 from Heidi  +(*´∀`)b

Next day, I went to Inakaya with some friends.
I had a high expectation of the place because I've heard good reviews about it.
However, as it turned out, it's not really that special.
Although there's nothing wrong with the food, it really wasn't THAT amazing.
Worse yet, we ordered about $35 of food per person, but we were not even half full when we left.

part of the food we got (the ones I have on my phone)

In the end we got takeout wings & fries as round two. /laughs/

Bella also came over (temporary release from house arrest), and we had wings and cakes.
Then we split up and half of us (Joie, Bella, KK and I) played pictionary, while the rest were playing their usual drinking games.

b-day cake!

pictionary team ♥

drinking games team!

and of course, self-cam ---

Joie ♡
Bella (and her fab hair) ♥
KK ♡

It's nothing too out of the ordinary for us, but still special because I got to spend the day with my lovely friends. #somuchlove

More gifts ♥♡
Last time we (Ray Bella and I) went to Smart Maple, I was looking at the Hello Kitty pot below and thought it was cute. So Bella decided to get that for me and made me a "HK basket gift basket" with other HK cookware. #HKexplosion
(FYI I'm not a HK fan - but the pot is really cute!)

"disgustingly" matchy matchy HK cooking set from the gang
random but funny book from Pansy.

Lastly, my own gift to self. #foreveralone

can't wait to watch ♡

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  1. LOLOL matchy matchy. HK is going to be watching and judging what you eat!!! NO INSTANT NOODLE!!!