Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Break

The highly anticipated spring break finally came last week. Been out quite a lot (compare to my usual standards). Also because Bella finally came back from Korea <3<3<3

Sat 2/18
Volunteering in the morning, then went to watch The Secret World of Arietty with Ray and KK. I have been loving Studio Ghibli animation since I was a child so I was really excited to see it! Despite the story being a little bit too simple, I still enjoyed it a lot. #megusta

Sun 2/19
Went to Crazy Wing with Ray and Terri to watch the Knicks game. I went for the food though haha. At night, went to Take One for karaoke. Well, karaoke for me, drinks for Terri and the others :P I had the karaoke machine 80% of the time, and they expanded their J-pop library! They had a Kanjani8 song (My Home), some EXILE, and even an Atsushi solo song (いつかきっと). What's more, they had some less mainstream groups from LDH such as LOVE and Flower. Super super happehhhh!!

hubby#1, hubby #2, and Takahiro (EXILE)

Mon 2/20
finally got to meet up with Bella ♥ went for bubble tea in the afternoon, and then later Princess Cafe at night with everybody.
she got me a lot of gifts from korea + a mini Shelliemay from Japan...why so nice to me T_T
She had this shelliemay nuigurumi pouch that matches perfectly with my Duffy. so cute wtf.

Tue 2/21
Spent the day with Ray, Bella and Joie. We just went out for lunch - Chinese BBQ meat and rice/noodle!! #sweetjesusface
Randomly ran errands and grocery shopped. We made a homemade pizza at Joie's. NOM NOM NOM.

rose sauce-cheese-hicken-salami-green pepper-mushroom pizza

Wed 2/22
Volunteer @ JSS office. nothing special. but got a ride home from Mr. Maekawa. #whysonice

Sat 2/25
Last time volunteering for childcare. Gonna miss everyone. Sayaka, Atsumi, Noriko-san and her sons, Maachin and Hikaru. The other kids were so cute too. I usually leave with Sayaka. First time we attempted to leave, we had to return because she forgot to ask Chie-san for a certificate. Then after that we left again, but we had to go back again because she left her stuff on the table. =__=" She's so funny XD
雛飾り@ JCCC

Been spending so much time with Bella lately.
Her cats are so cute >w< nyan nyan~~!

featuring 3 3 this time ^^

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