Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life's been good these days.

It's been a while since I've updated this blog. My spring/summer vacation has only 6 weeks left and to be honest I'm starting to freak out a bit. When I first came back end of April, it took me a while to get used to my life here - living with my parents again after 8 months of living by myself was a huge adjustment. It was painful but now I'm quite comfortable here, albeit still having issues with the parents from time to time.

In a bit over a week, I'll be going on my highly anticipated trip to Seoul, Korea, and Osaka, Japan. Angel promised to seoul me around /LOL/. I can't wait to see my friend, whom I haven't seen in over a year, have really good korean food, cafes, and go crazy shopping in both Korea and Japan :D

However, after the trip, there will only be 3 weeks left until I head back to Toronto. I miss my friends and my house there, but I'm going to miss my parents a lot - also the carefree life in which they take care of most of my meals and laundry - not going to lie, but I really hate juggling housework AND my studies at the same time.

Just to make this post a little more interesting, I'm going post some photos I took of my life here, because life's been pretty good these days and I want to remember it.

Starting off with some food I've been obsessed with...
Beef & Crab Roe Fried Rice with Japanese Soy Sauce
I've had this rice 3 times so far, and it is heavenly! It was so unexpectedly good, and unbelievably yummy. I'm so sad because my dad got tired of the restaurant (Sogo Cafe) and I probably can't get anymore of this. /tears/

Indo mie with musical egg
Made this for lunch one day, it's so simple, yet so delishushhhh!! Indo mie is an Indonesian brand instant noodle and comes with a lot of sauces and stuff. There are soup based ones but I've been loving this one lately. It's just a bit spicy and tastes really nice. I added a musical egg (apparently the hen listen to music while laying eggs, and the eggs are supposed to taste better) and I cooked it just a bit so the yolk is still gooey and awesome. Simple and fast and yummy - if I have luggage space I will definitely bring some back with me.

A bunch of my friends dropped by Hong Kong before they took off on a month long trip to Southeast Asia. I hung out with the bunch of them a few times during the time they were here, but one of those days I met up with Terri alone for a good catch up.

Cafe Corridor
I searched for a good cafe for us to sit down and chill out, and found one near Times Square. It's actually quite hidden - you have to walk pass a long corridor, hence the name, to get there. It's quite nice, I liked the decor and the latte was nice. I can imagine myself going back for latte when I come back to live here permanently.

Afterwards we went to Times Square since Terri needed to buy trainers for her trip. Found a pair in no time and we headed to dinner.

waiting for dinner
The meal was okay, not amazing but in Torontonian standards its pretty good already. After dinner we looked for a bar to chill in but since it was Friday night, EVERYWHERE was full; and Terri grew impatient. #nothingnew

We found one eventually, one that Terri has been to last year with another friend. The place was pretty sketchy in my opinion. I wanted to try an Asahi but the beer girl persuaded me to get a bud just like Terri (because bud was from the company the beer girl was promoting). Terri called me a pushover for giving in, but I really didn't think it mattered on petty things like that.

having a bud with my buddy.
So that was my day chilling with Terri.

The next day was my mom's birthday. Grandma came over at about noon, and we went to yum cha in Causeway Bay. Then we came home for a while and went back to the same restaurant for a big family dinner.

Selca; OOTD
Loving my pink shorts and tiger print shirt ❤
When I bought the shorts, my dad said the colour was ugly. Until I wore it that day, he said my shorts looked good with my shirt. My tiger actually has the same color bow around its neck, so it matched quite nicely. I'm usually not that into tigers, but this guy has such a cute face I had to get it ❤
I'm also obsessed with my newly dyed hair (second time this summer) - thanks to the awesome daisuke-san. I haven't had such light hair in YEARS!

selca with mom, and her side of the fam.
I tried to raise the angle so my mom would look less like a potato head. She went to get a haircut a few days before but I don't understand why she wouldn't go to a nicer hair salon. She used to go to decent ones but recently she said she doesn't mind going for non-stylish ones now because she doesn't have anyone to impress anymore. = w =" Oh, and my cousin, grandma, and aunt wanted to be in the background too /laughs/

mama's bday cake
My mom's bday cake that we got her from Mimosa - a quite famous bakery in my neighborhood. It was a passion fruit mousse cake and it was delishhhh!

Ending the post with a family photo ❤

My parents and I, and the cutest human baby ever.

My family has its issues, but it's perfect in my eyes.

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