Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anpanman and Choo Choo Train

My fourth time volunteering at daycare.
Thanks to the milk tea I drank last night, I didn't sleep at ALL the previous night.
Tired as f**k but still managed to make myself go #proudmoments
And because I couldn't sleep, I had a lot of time to think of what to wear /laughs/
I always had problems picking what to wear especially since today was really cold - I needed something warm, casual enough to look approachable, and comfy enough to play with kids. #firstworldproblem

My self-cam while waiting for the bus. I had no facial expression because I was trying my hardest to stay awake. =w=

Anyways, I caught a glimpse of Sayaka when she came on the bus, but I didn't go over to her because I figured we both needed our last 15min of nap.

3 stops away from our destination, Noriko-san got on our bus with her two boys. Her 2 year old son, Hikaru, was sleeping in his stroller. As we were about to get off the bus, I walked over to her because I knew she would need help in this horrible snowy weather. In the end I helped her carry, yes carry, her stroller all the way to JCCC while she held Hikaru. Maachin was walking right behind me. The snow accumulated on the ground so I literally had to carry it with my hands. My hands were so cold by the time we got to the front door, I was worried that I might've been frostbitten - thank god I wasn't!

Being a mother sure is tough, I can't imagine how difficult it would be for Noriko-san if there's no one to help her.

We showed up at the nursery, and guess who's back? yay David!! ^^
I like having him around since he's probably the only person there who is not fluent in Japanese /laughs/ Also, little Hibiki loves him and I like to see them interact.

At snack time, while I was ripping off the newspaper I laid earlier to protect the table, we came across an ad, and David told me he's in it.

He's the second person from the right. He told me that all the other guys are way taller, so when he took the photo, he was actually standing on a box. HAHA cheater! :P

I was so hungry looking at the kids eat, and then Noriko-san offered us (volunteers) her homemade onigiri! so yummy!!!! It was my first homemade onigiri and it's moments like this that make me love volunteering at JSS. I get to try parts of Japanese culture that would otherwise be impossible for me to experience.

Anyways, I found my favourite toy from the nursery.

Anpanman (bread man)! Kids love him! Noriko-san told me that if someone is hungry, Anpanman will let him/her take a bite off himself. #creepy

I also randomly decided to take a picture of a Thomas train and liked the shot enough to not edit anything except slap a watermark on it.

Time flies and only 2 more weeks of the program left!

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  1. haha hibiki! angel recently told me about a whisky called hibiki! lol!