Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winterlicious ♥ North 44

We don't usually go fine dining, unless it's someone's birthday or Winterlicious.

This year, we decided to try out North 44.

I was looking forward to it because my cousins went there to celebrate my younger cousin's birthday, and said it was awesome.

After I got home from school, I tried to pick out something to wear. I don't have any 'dress-up' type of clothings, so I always end up wearing a white shirt and either pants or shorts w/ tights.

However, I dropped by H&M after my group meeting and I got a slightly shimmery top for $16. I made an outfit with it wearing shorts w/ tights.

makeup for the night! (hubby peeping at the back XD *shameless*)

hubby♥ he's the face of Feb. (perfect 'cause he's my valentine hahaha!!)

The plan was KK would come over at 6PM so I could help her with her eye makeup. However, by the time she was over, it was 6:45PM and I ended up only having 10 minutes to do her makeup! SOOO much pressure because I wouldn't have time to redo it if i screwed up. It turned out well though I think, at least I was happy with my work /laughs/. It's the first time I helped someone draw eyelines. SCARY!

It's the first heavy snow (according to me) that night, and KK was wearing peep-toe heels! Her feet were frozen hahahaha =P

Since the ground level was all full, they offered to serve us on the second floor. We had the whole floor to ourselves and that was great because I wouldn't feel so self-conscious about taking photos XD

bread always taste better at restaurants
My appetizer, it's a cauliflower puree (soup) with a crouton thingy.
Terri and KK got this. It's like a seared tuna. Looks yum.
All five of us got steak. The side is potato and spinach. And asparagus.
upside down apple cake with ice sour cream.
I actually liked this cake although the others thought it was mediocre. The boys got creme brule and they said it was a lot better than our cake (meh). I love creme brule too but since I always order that, I decided to order the apple cake this time. I really like apple flavor dessert but don't always have the chance to have some.

Then of course, self-cam time!
KK and I.
Terri and I.
We all thought the meal was good but too expensive. We totalled $67 per person. On top of the food we ordered a bottle of red wine (around $20). Don't think it was worth the money because I've had better, cheaper steak. The portions were quite small and we weren't even that full after we ate everything. Although it wasn't amazing, I still enjoyed the whole experience getting 'glam'-ed up and dine out with friends :)


  1. :( i'm so jelly and now feeling extra foreveralone after reading ur blog! The three of you girls look stunning!! T_T

    1. Dont be jelly! U didnt miss much... Im counting down the days, waiting for u to come bak and be foreveralone with me muhahaha... We can bond over 9gag and cheetoes xD